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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Managing Decision Making And Decision Support Paper

Hi, I need help with essay on Managing Decision Making and decision support. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

c) The inability of Morse to handle its end-user computing is a structure problem. There company understands the problem and it is recurrent occurrence. There are solutions and potential paths the company can choose to solve the problem if they are willing to invest resources to obtain the solution to the problem.

a) The communication model Morse adopted with its SPMT management is a wheel communication model with the SPMT serving as hub control mechanism. There is small liberty to make decision, but the managerial staff in particular the CEO has a lot of power over the decision making.

b) The communication and decision making model at Morse has not worked because at times people without the knowledge are getting involved in matters they do not understand. The IT department is a perfect example how defective the decision making model is at Morse.

c) Groupthink was not effective at Morse because the staff did not listen to each others ideas and the head of the managers were too confrontational. This caused bad decision making in this organization.

d) Group think can have detrimental effects at the ability of a group arriving at a decision because it ignores the objectives, limits the alternatives, reduces the ability to identify and incorporates biases into the decision.

a) Process losses of group decision making include: unequal verbal contribution, coordination problems, airtime fragmentation, attenuation blocking, concentration blocking, power relationship issues, socializing, domination and information overload. Information overload means too much data is entering into a meeting without any real evaluation. Unequal verbal contribution means one or two member utilize all the time to expose their ideas while other are not contributing anything.

b) At Morse various process losses occurred. Domination occurred against the initiatives of the IT staff as well as information overload from the IT staff to the rest of the managers. There


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