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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Marketing Analyses For The Arab National Bank Paper

Hi, I need help with essay on Marketing analyses for the Arab National Bank. Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

accepting banking services. The bank as its programs tailored to fit into Sheria the Muslim teaching. It is the reason that the company targets high income earners and business Saudis because they have changed to banking system service.

There are no barriers for the company to expand its services to other ranches in the country. The strategic direction of the bank projects opening up of more branches and targeting female high income. There are many options available for the company such as partnering with other

The bargaining power of the suppliers is high, the customers who deposit money, mortgage, loans, the interest rates. The bank suppliers of the money demand high level of accountability and interest rates.

The buyers in this case the loan seekers, mortgage and other withdrawal services. The debit and credit card users demand high level of security for the cards they use. Availability and reliability of the services is critical for the buyers.

in card payment transactions and it has a value share of 60%. It means there are other top banks in Saudi that offers better services. Charge card transaction competitive position is at number 4,with 5.4% value share, the debit transactions has a value share of 7.3% and it is also ranked 4 and the credit card transactions has 5.6% value share where it is ranked 7th.

The bank has put in place plans to target female consumers but starting only women branches that targets high income women. The cards that the bank offers has a wide range of services that meet the customer needs. The company is also venturing into technology by having touch screen where it offers credit to customers to purchase the devices.

The bank has a range of prices and interests that are decided by the Central Bank. The bank also strategized on bringing services closer to the customers through establishment of more branches in remote areas.

The bank is committed in implementing a well-structured contingency plan to counter the


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