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This paper will critically evaluate the theoretical aspects related to exploratory marketing research to find out some marketing information and to cover letter as well as questionnaire in research.

In market research, exploratory research is considered as more appropriate when more information is required to analyze a problem, opportunity or market related phenomenon (Wiid and Diggines, 2010, p. 55). Exploratory research helps a marketer acquire more insights and develop understandings rather than collecting accurate and replicable data and this is perhaps the main reason why most exploratory researches involve in-depth interviews.

To find out students’ opinion about the purchase of new digital music player or any other kind of trendy products, exploratory research is more appropriate and effective since it helps the marketer clarify ambiguous situations and thus to develop ideas that would be potential for business opportunities (Zikmund and Babin, 2006, p. 51). Exploratory research is normally conducted when the marketer has to develop new products or redesign the existing products by analyzing existing demands, customers’ feedbacks and reviews for the existing products or competitive products etc.

From the marketing perspective, digital music player companies such as Apple Inc, Sony etc that want to identify some most significant variables that their customers use to decide on whether to buy their music players. The company may want to collect variables related to different segments of the market such as students, middle-aged, women etc. For the exploratory research to find out students’ opinion about digital music player, the company would require gathering information related to factors that either directly or indirectly affects customers’ decision making to buy digital music players.

For exploratory research to find out students’ opinion about digital players, the researcher needs to collect information such as

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