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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Mba Marketing Paper Must Be At Least 5500 Words Ple

Hi, I need help with essay on MBA-Marketing. Paper must be at least 5500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

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Further it was found that unlike India the other neighbouring countries like Malaysia, the region of Singapore and Thailand were attracting many foreign tourists from different countries. It is to address this potential issue of dragging in a large number of foreign tourists that the Incredible India campaign came under effect which aimed to project tourism as an organised activity which would present to the outside world the rich cultural, geographic and historical diversity of India. Other than using print and visual media the campaign gained impetus with the growth of internet based activities which helped promote India on an enhanced scale. These activities gained ground with the rise in the flow of tourists from affluent regions of the world both pertaining to European and Middle East regions. Moreover other than conducting large scale advertising activities the marketing communication activities concerning tourism also involved the increase in the level of trade fairs where people from various countries are rendered information through different travel agents about changes in the tourism landscape. This rise in the level of tourism promotions led to the rise in the level of tourists from foreign countries visiting India by around 15 percent during 2006 (Shah and D’Souza, 2009, p.5-7). Literature Research Direct and Integrated Communications In regards to direct marketing communications Krafft and Hesse (2007) observes that it is that marketing tool which focuses on enhancing the personalized relationships with the different consumers spread along a particular focus group. Such level of marketing communication is observed to take the help of sophisticated technological tools and concepts. Moreover the level of direct communication also helps the enhancement of customer relationships and effectively manages them both across national and international boundaries (Krafft and Hesse, 2007, p.5-6). With the passage of time the process of marketing communication earned a new phase rather than only depending on the level of direct communication tools. To this end, Yeshin (1998) states that the process of integrated communications can be considered as an integrated communication process which assimilates the potential of the different marketing tools like advertising, public relations, promotion and other such events by putting them under one roof. Thus other than rendering individual developments to the different marketing tols the process of integrated marketing communication focuses on the holistic development of the marketing communication program (Yeshin, 1998, p.68-69). Marketing Plan and Customer Relationship Management The planning for the conducting of marketing activities entails an important task in the marketing functions of a company.


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