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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Men In Black I Robot After Earth Paper Must Be At L

Hi, I need help with essay on Men in Black; I, Robot; After Earth. Paper must be at least 2500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

This research will begin with the movie review of Men in Black. It is an American movie released in the year 1997 and is based on science fiction. This action comedy movie is directed by Barry Sonnenfeld with actors including Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Rip Torn and Linda Florentino. The plot of the movie has been adapted from a comic book series with the same name. The story revolves around two men, also known as men in black, who are representatives of a non-government agency. They observe the activities and movements of some extraterrestrial beings who are residing on this earth by hiding their identity from regular human beings. The major focus of this agency’s men is to observe the movements of 1,500 alien figures who roam in and around New York City. Since it is a covert operation, therefore the MIB base their operations underground at a Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority&nbsp.ventilation station in&nbsp.Battery Park, New York City. In case any humans accidentally witness these aliens, then it becomes the responsibility of the agency to use neuralyzers to clean their memory. During one night when Agent K and Agent D were doing their usual surveillance duty, they seized a truck filled with illegal immigrants along with an alien who was disguised as a normal human being. When Agent K attempted to chase him down, he was forced to kill the alien as the latter tried to attack a border patrol officer. Soon after this, Agent D realized he was becoming too old for the job and hence requested Agent K to use neuralyzer on him, which is a precondition for every agent who is about to retire from the agency. The leader of the agency then asked Agent K to find a new partner. In another event, James Edwards who was an officer in the New York Police Department and was extremely active and energetic was chasing a criminal on foot. As the chase took place on rooftops, Edwards soon realized that the fugitive’s irises blink vertically by which he concluded that the man was not a normal human being. Soon after this, Agent K uses neuralyzer on Edwards after extracting all information from him about the alien. Agent K then gives him an agency card. Edwards then reaches the secret organization and excels in all tests to qualify himself as a MIB. His original identity is then erased before recruiting him as Agent J. When they embark on investigating the reason behind the aliens leaving the earth all of a sudden, they find out that a farmer named Edgar has been killed and his skin has been used by a Bug who is a type of species of cockroach.


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