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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Mice In Kelly Hall Paper Must Be At Least 1000 Word

Hi, I need help with essay on Mice in Kelly Hall. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

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In a Sylvan habitat where resident deer mice have been removed, other mice are capable of migrating to the new place where mice have been removed to replace them, going as far as travelling from distant places where there are no mice colonies. This migration can take up to two weeks (Douglas, Kuezi, Williams and Samuel Mills 392). House mice are, at most times, nocturnal, although they may appear during daytime. The mice experience poor eyesight therefore, they rely on other senses when moving and looking for food. House mice shelter under buildings and make their nest using materials that are shredded. Breeding periods of mice may occur year-round but when outdoors, it may occur during spring and fall periods, and the population is able to grow rapidly when under favorable conditions. The mice are able to enter structures through jumping, gnawing, and even swimming in water. The mouse can occupy various habitats that arrange from tropical climates to subantarctic islands, and without doubt, they can adapt to extreme temperatures (Fox, Barthhold, Davison, Newcomer, Quimy and Smith 31). There are studies carried out on mice and it indicates that they can travel for an average distance of nine meters and because of the limited movements, they do, they become difficult to control (Vector Management Program, n.p.). The mice are capable of memorizing their environment and identify well with essential factors such as food and water. Even though they are capable of identifying new objects that are present in their environment, they do not develop fear of the new objects. In an experiment to investigate the increase in number of mice in a building, several mice were removed in a building but they were quickly replaced. The vacant habitat was occupied by other mice and therefore homeowners must seal their houses when trapping mice in order to prevent other mice from occupying the vacant position. Preventing and Controlling House Mice The three most effective ways of controlling and preventing house mice include constructing of rodent proof structures, ensuring there is good sanitation and reducing its population. The mice being smaller are capable of entering openings that are narrow hence in most circumstances makes use of rodent proofing difficult. House mice have a limited area for movement and, therefore, they should have no water. The reproduction of house mice, being at a higher rate than that of rats, requires an individual to take into account this information for successful control of the mice. The mice have a large home range hence modifying their habitat is not easy to attain because the mice may be coming from other areas that are beyond control (Salmon and Lick liter 43). It is advisable to try to modify the habitat of mice in the form of ensuring there is storage of food and garbage inside the house. This will only assist in detecting the signs of the presence of house mice and hence increase the effectiveness of using traps. moreover, mice may live behind cabinets in an office and they will feed on crumbs of lunches people had in the office. No matter how good the sanitation of an office is maintained, the little food stored or consumed is able to support a mice therefore there must be a constant watch for invasion of mice.


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