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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Modern Social Thought Paper Must Be At Least 1500 W

Hi, I need help with essay on Modern Social Thought. Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Nadia’s choice is in the best interest of her children but her decision is frowned upon by her own parents thus ostracizing her from her parents and relatives. Even though Aarif, Nadia’s husband, left her and her children homeless due to his drug habit, Nadia gets no sympathy from her relatives. Nadia is seemingly encountering social exclusion due to her going against the traditions of her Muslim upbringing even though it is for necessary purposes.

&nbsp.Nadia’s circumstances can be said to be a function of family dynamics, social dynamics, and cultural dynamics. All three of these aspects are unfortunately working against her in her attempt to raise and care for her children in the presence of a patriarchal upbringing and religion. When studying Nadia’s situation from a modern social theory, one can utilize Marxism as a guideline for better comprehension, “Karl Marx is a central figure in a broader theoretical fraction: modern social theory”(Antonia, 2003).

&nbsp.The first point which should be made concerning the facts surrounding Nadia’s life, is that each event and circumstance which has been described in the case study as taking place in Nadia’s life, is actually impacting her place in society as well as her personal feelings and her ability to cope and respond to stressors, “Social practices are not reflecting natural differences with these diacritical marks of gender. They are weaving a structure of symbol and interpretation around them and often vastly exaggerating or distorting them”(Connell, 1987). As a woman, Nadia is at a further disadvantage because of her patriarchal family.

&nbsp.Nadia is living in the Westernized country of the U.K. where among certain groups, arranged marriage is still the ‘norm’ (Giddens, 2006).


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