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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Moral Reasoning Natural Law Theory And Virtue Ethic

Hi, I need help with essay on Moral Reasoning: Natural Law Theory and Virtue Ethics. Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Moreover, the Principle of Double Effect allows an action to be done with an obvious good and bad effect provided that certain conditions are met. According to the article of Quill, he gave Diane barbiturates for sleep, and this medicine has a capability to put his patient into sleep to get rid of the pain and suffering, but the bad effect – it is a main ingredient of Hemlock Society suicide. I have heard a lot about mercy killing and barbiturates for sleep are just about it in the long run. In addition, Virtue ethics is about our very nature. We are the image of God – therefore we are good in nature. John Doe, for example, helps his neighbor in feeding their dogs while they are away because it is his very nature and he expects nothing in return. According to Hursthouse, it is a character trait of a person.

The Natural Law is not based on our natural responses. It is focused on the outcome of an unnatural deed to make one’s life better in a way to relieve the pain and suffering. Sullivan and Pecorino say that human have reasoning. Human beings are rational individuals, in that light, people can define the natural laws and these laws will guide them in their actions. John Doe, for example, drinks medicines to relieve him from pain, but taking too much of it is dangerous or even fatal. The act of taking too much medicine is against the natural law. The drug addicted persons in the rehabilitation center were doing morally wrong for taking prohibited drugs. Taking too much drug is an unnatural act, but this could not be judged as morally right because the result is obviously bad. It’s not about stopping the pain and suffering – it prolongs misery. In the contrary, the Virtue Ethics is different. It is about our character traits. A virtuous person remains virtues even in a difficult situation, unlike the Natural Laws. Virtue Ethics is more about the very nature of human beings. It said that being good is innate in us. When we talk about killing – virtue


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