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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Motivating Arab Americans To Participate In Politic

Hi, I need help with essay on Motivating Arab Americans to Participate in Politics. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Susana Dabaja was the first Arab American to be elected as the president of the City Council of Dearborn City in Michigan. It was in January 2014 that Susana Dabaja and her other fellow Arab Americans i.e. David Bazzy, Robert Abraham and Mike Sareini made the majority of the 7 seat city Council of Dearborn (Elian).

In the year 2013, the highest volume of Arab American candidates was seen running the local offices which were never ever seen before in the history of America, thereby breaking ground in their own respective cities in the struggle to win the right to the “chair”. Currently, Arab Americans who are running offices in Dearborn City Council include Susan Dabaja – who is the president of the Council, Rose Hykel – who holds the position of the tax collector since the year 1997, Robert Alex Abraham who is also serving at the Council from year 2002 and Mike Sareini who is a Councilman.

According to the statistics, it can be seen that the number of Arab Americans involved in politics and running offices has drastically increased over the years. If we look through the number of Arab American running offices we can observe that they are quite less in number than the other ethnic groups present in America. The ratio of Arab Americans in American politics is less than many of the other ethnic group’s interests in the American politics. Although the number of Arab Americans has drastically increased after the Iraq War still it is less than many other groups. Therefore there is a need of motivating the Arab Americans to actively take part in politics or at least learn the importance of their vote so that their respective ethnic group is not deprived of their rights.


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