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Hi I Need Help With Essay On My Nursing Theory Paper Must Be At Least 1250 Words

Hi, I need help with essay on My nursing theory. Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

The primary purpose of the interaction between humans and the environment is adaptation. Humans’ exposure to stressors (stimuli within the environment) triggers the development of coping mechanisms, which enable them to adapt to the changing environment. Each individual has two major subsystems. the regulator and cognator internal processing subsystems, which help them, cope with stimuli from both the external and internal environment. The regulator subsystem functions through the autonomic nervous system (perception and neural pathways, endocrine system) whereby the mechanism prepares individuals for dealing with environmental stimuli. On the other hand, the cognator mechanism comprises of perceptual/information processing, emotions, judgment and learning. The process of perception bridges or connects the two mechanisms. Roy asserts that nursing’s primary goal is to facilitate a patient’s development of health, which she defined as the process of becoming and being a whole and integrated person (Roy, 1980).

Fundamental to all human beings, is their need to cling to their concept of a Higher Power. For some, acknowledging the existence of an existential being that possesses supernatural powers, which one cannot research quantitatively or qualitatively defines their conceptualization of God (Higher Power). Conversely, others negate the existence of a God, as they instead chose to focus on universal moral principles, which are not culture specific and promote equal and humane treatment of all. for example, they believe that it is wrong to kill or steal as it compromises another person’s quality of life. My personal nursing philosophy is primarily centered on acknowledging the existence of cultural diversity. Cultural diversity influences the differences in individual’s conceptualization of God. As such, it is crucial for nursing professionals to respect each patient’s


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