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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Nepal Water For Health Newah Paper Must Be At Least

Hi, I need help with essay on Nepal Water for Health (NEWAH). Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

This is the Nepal and alternative energy promotion centre (WECS, 2011). This implies compliance and easy to access the funds that will develop the project. Among the steps within this stage include.

This is one of the critical and complex steps in the implementation process. It involves requesting and evaluating all the proposals presented. It also involves assembling a team, determination of the financing mechanism, development of the scope of work, specifying the performance criteria, addressing all the possible emerging issues to ensure compliance (Dixit, A. 2010) and develop the required proposal to the financiers. The team selected will ensure that the required community participation and literacy provisions are met to facilitate the success of the project. This will be based on the traditional spirit of the members of the Sandikhola village.

The team should emphasize the use of non skilled volunteer to provide the much needed labor but the skilled personnel should be acquired from outside. In the personnel acquisition stage, skilled personnel from the respective villages should be given priority. Beside the team should designate a project champion to who can get the projects over barriers through determination, authority or sheer excitement.

Among the notable funding agencies include. DFID Australian Aid, EU/ECHO , Norway (Norad) , Denmark (Danida), British Embassy (UKM), Nepal, SDC, Canada (CIDA), World Bank , Finland , ADB, Austria, Japan, Netherlands (NET/SNV) , JICA, Sweden (SWI/SIDA), USAID and Central Queensland University (ADB ,2010 )

The scope of work defines what the community wants out of the project. This is adopted as the heart for the request of the proposal. This comprises of the type o renewable energy system, considered location of the system, site requirements and the specifications of system performance.



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