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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Nursing Administration Paper Must Be At Least 4500

Hi, I need help with essay on Nursing administration. Paper must be at least 4500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Several studies have demonstrated the usefulness of Magnet status. Buffington, et al (2012) studied factors in nurses retention and reported they left due to lack of support and recognition. Laschinger, Leitev, Day & Gilin (2009) reported that leaving of experienced nurses caused secondary turnouts due to workforce pressure, and caused lack of job satisfaction. Magnet status takes care of these problems by building an overall professionally sound organisation. The Magnet recognition is a time consuming detailed process involving organizational efforts to develop required systems, procedures and practices. It involves comprehensive development on the part of the organization as well as its units. After detailed appraisal if the organization meets the requirements, site visits are planned followed by public comment.

The original Magnet® research study conducted in 1983 found that those organizations that were successful in recruiting and retaining nurses during the shortages of nurses faced in the 1970s and 1980s had certain characteristics which differentiated them from other organizations. These fourteen characteristics remain known as the ANCC Forces of Magnetism which form the basis of the conceptual framework of ANCC recognition and maintenance of Magnet® status. These forces of Magnetism available at the website ( are attributes or outcomes that exemplify or form the basis of nursing excellence. Expression of full forces of magnetism implies high quality professional environment in the organization at every level, where the nursing is guided by a strong and visionary nursing leader. This leader is a senior functionary who advocates and supports excellence in nursing practice, and in turn is also responsible for the continued maintenance of the organizations Magnet® status.

The Magnet® recognition program has three basic goals and


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