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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Nutrition 2b Paper Must Be At Least 750 Words Pleas

Hi, I need help with essay on Nutrition 2B. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

ngs regarding the fact that whether I am obtaining the required amount of nutrition or not from the intake of my favorite non-veg meals (KFC, “Food”).

I am fond of KFC’s chicken buckets and thus, visit the outlet once a week. I majorly place order for the Kentucky grilled chicken (6 pieces) bucket and the extra crispy (6 pieces) bucket on alternate basis. Apart from these two, I also order for rice bowl meals, desserts, mac & cheese and green beans for altering my taste. Thus, evaluating the nutritional value served within each bucket (6 pieces) of grilled chicken in the first step (KFC, “Food”).

The above formulated tabular charts project a clear description regarding the percentage of nutritional value, which I get from the favourite foods I order in a KFC food outlet. The data provided within the table helps in determining that the ordered food combinations cannot provide the complete amount of calorific value, which I require on daily basis as a diabetic patient. The level of saturated fat intake from the chicken bucket is high in comparison to other food items depicted in the third table. Moreover, it can be observed that the percentages of sodium provided by each of the food products are quite high. The below provided table describes about the daily nutritional requirements for diabetic patients (Treatment For diabetes, “3 Diabetes Diet Meal Plan Guidelines”).

Apart from just sodium and calorie value, protein intakes through the consumption of the chicken buckets are also high in comparison to the regular calorie requirement. However, one specific benefit of consuming fast food combos is that the level of intake of trans fat is comparatively low as can be understood from the tabular data. Thus, for consuming the appropriate amount of calorie and other specific intakes, it is necessary that I make certain alterations within the previous order combinations. Although being a big fond of the KCF chicken items, I will have to focus more on the


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