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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Operation Department Project Paper Must Be At Least

Hi, I need help with essay on Operation Department Project. Paper must be at least 3750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

tions, since “the food service industry consists of a wide variety of different businesses, including institutional providers and food contractors” (Enz 28). As part of our uniqueness before starting Sky Rise Hotel, what we had noticed is that many hotels have grocery stores, liquor stores and food stores that offer genetically engineered food,

which poses serious health risks to consumers. “Providing a bed, bathroom, television and phones are hotel basics, but additional amenities and services are common” (Enz 30). Therefore, we decided to open a 3 star hotel that strictly offers natural foods. This was the foundational basis and is the pillar of strength. Our hotel is environment friendly as we use clean energy for all our operations that require the use of energy. All of our materials are recycled, we use water from our boreholes, the sewer system has been devised to harness bio fuel which we use as heat in cooking, solar panels with batteries are spread out in the entire hotel, and recently, we started taping wind energy.

The hotel vehicles are fuel efficient and plans are underway to purchase electric cars and solar cars after a deal with Nissan motor company (Patterson et al. 23). We serve as an example that it is possible to completely get off the grid, since as a hotel, we are self sufficient. This model will enable us to study and discuss the main hotel operating procedure used to establish a high level quality of foods offered, and quality professional services in the facility. We will be able to recognize and assess the basic hotel activities, assess and examine the process of procuring hotel services, recognize and look at financial factors. A reader will be able to explain and give facts on the dangers of genetically engineered foods (Enz 12. Patterson et al. 40).

Sky Rise Hotel will make sure there is enough food for the number of guests expected, and catering services will be vigilant in this area to make sure that all the foods and


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