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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Origin And Development Of Medicolegal Death Investi

Hi, I need help with essay on Origin and Development of Medicolegal Death Investigation. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Medicolegal death investigation is a broad discipline that varies depending on the jurisdictions. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia among other Arabic states for example have unique medicolegal death investigation systems derived from the Islamic legislations owing to the adoption of sharia laws. In Europe and the United States among other countries with civil legislations, the investigation systems follow the constitutional jurisdictions with respect to the value of human life. This implies that while the investigators strive to find justice to the victims, they respect the value and rights of the suspect thus handling such investigations with the view of upholding the values.

Medicolegal death investigation is a prestigious course taught in different institutions of higher education including colleges and universities. The institutions hire professional forensic specialists who exhibit understanding of the industry and the nature of prevailing crimes in the society. Among the developments of the curses offered in numerous colleges and universities, include the use of assisting laboratories such as forensic histopathology, microbiology, serology and forensic chemistry among many others. Each of the above developments introduces unique features into the practice with the view of developing individuals who exhibit unique skills required in each of the specializations. The primary objective of medicolegal death investigation is to determine the cause and the nature of deaths. The numerous ways of murdering an individual thus validate the widening of the practice thus the numerous developments. Some of the developments such as forensic chemistry investigate deaths arising from chemicals related accidents and murders (Rao, 2013).

Other related laboratories that expedite such investigations include DNA laboratories that help match the biological evidence. The efficacy of the evidence provided by medicolegal death


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