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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Othello By Shakespeare Paper Must Be At Least 500 W

Hi, I need help with essay on Othello by Shakespeare. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Othello as an outsider was, therefore, the general of the Venetian military. He attained this position on merit and not patronage or family connections. He excels on his job and was, therefore, accepted in Venice. This is because Venice was initially being threatened by the Ottoman Turks. As an immigrant, he feels insecure about his position. This explains why he is sensitive to his name since his prosperity depends on his good name. This is the insecurity that Iago manipulates.As an immigrant, Othello is very sensitive to his status as an outsider. Despite the fact that he married an offspring of the Venetian senator, he is pretty aware that he is a black man living in a place not prominent for its acceptance of ethnic differences. He is aware that Africans are believed to be a little better than animals by the Venetian. He, therefore, struggles to become more of a Venetian by accepting their way of life and etiquette of speech. He is insecure about his status and position as an outsider, and this is a second insecurity that Iago exploits towards his downfall. He is one instance admits that he is a man of simple speech. He confesses that he is not experienced in diplomatic language. Iago watches and listens to this waiting for a time to pounce. Throughout the play, Othello remains distanced from much of the actions that affect and concerns him. At the end of the tragic pay, readers experience a sense of uplift. His struggle to defy the negative emotions over his action reaffirms our trust in human personality.


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