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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Perspectives Literary Landscapes Paper Must Be At L

Hi, I need help with essay on Perspectives literary landscapes. Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

This essay therefore, compares the works of William Wordsworth and Dorothy Wordsworth titled “The Leech Gatherer.” This will include an analysis and comparison, which will bring out the different perceptions of the two authors about nature, and the different ways they give meaning to the nature elements in their poetic works.

“The Leech Gatherer” by William Wordsworth is a poem, also called “Resolution and Independence.” This poem has 140 lines, which are divided into twenty stanzas. The title of the poem mainly draws from the content in the poem. The author narrates his experience when he meets with a leech gatherer. Therefore, this poem is written in the first person form. The speaker in the poem is the author himself. In the poem, the author narrates about his walk in the moor one spring morning. He experiences a strange phenomenon when he meets an old man, who was a leech gatherer, wandering in the moor, in search of leeches. At this point, the element of nature is already manifesting in the poem. This is through the use of seasons such as spring morning, and the use of landscape such as the moor, as well as the presence of leeches, which are part of nature. Many other elements of nature occur in this poem, even though they have been used to portray different meanings (Wordsworth 1802).

In this poem, the leech gatherer had spent most of his past many days looking for leeches up and down in the moor. Although leeches are scarse in this season, the leech gatherer does not give up searching for them, as his life depends on them (Wordsworth 1802). In this scenario, William Wordsworth presents a deeper meaning of what the leeches are, and what the old man’s struggle represents. Therefore, although the leeches are part of nature, William Wordsworth looks beyond their physical presentation and thinks of them in a deeper view, thus, giving them a different meaning, which is more deep


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