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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Primary Recovery Goal And Steps For Reaching The Go

Hi, I need help with essay on Primary recovery goal and steps for reaching the goal. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

He would then subject non-critical patients, in hospital, to neurological test, and then conduct the test on patients who were not taken to the hospital. This would identify all victims by their needs and help in the recovery of all of them. Victims who are more likely to need crisis intervention. People whose positions or actions put in danger or whose actions endanger others are the ones likely to require crisis intervention (Government of Victoria, 2010, p. 42, 43). This is because recovery initiatives aim at managing current conditions of patients and preventing further harm. The category of patient is, however, likely to cause harm, and therefore delay recovery objective, and this establishes the significance of focusing on their stability. Some major health concerns after a disaster that may affect the community and possible actions for improving the health concerns The disaster has many health concerns that the community may face. Wildfire increases the risk of “asthma, emphysema, and cardiovascular diseases” among members of the society. The disaster is also likely to worsen conditions of a member of the community who already suffer from heart complications. High incidence of cancer, due to a carcinogen in smoke, stress, and mental complications are also likely. Wayne can organize for counseling sessions on stress management and ways of reducing further exposure to toxins from the wildfires. This will help in elevating depression and mental illnesses and in reducing the risk of the terminal diseases.


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