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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Professionalism Duties Of A Legal Assistant Paper M

Hi, I need help with essay on Professionalism. Duties of a Legal Assistant. Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

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Professionalism is an important entity in a work setting because it helps individuals to express their educational qualification. Various disciplines provide different forms of skills and the ability of one to apply their expertise effectively reveals their level of professionalism. Professionalism is therefore a form of career discipline that may be achieved by following the taught career skills in the educational institutions. The careful performance of an individual’s duty and overseeing the professionalism in the work often promotes better rewards to the firm and in individual development (Hisey, 2007). In any organization, there exists a set of rules and conducts guiding the employees and success emanates from adhering to these policies. Basic language and dressing trends depict the professionalism that one requires when adjusting to their new workplace supported by their qualification. A professional legal assistant requires most of these qualities to thrive in their industry. There are rules that they must possess to complete their duties as legal assistants and depict professionalism that promote easy assessment of progress. Duties of a Legal Assistant Legal assistant, sometimes paralegals provide lawyers with a cushion in their daily roles in practicing law. A paralegal often works with lawyers and assist them in basic office performances though not engaging in law. They help in research duties by sourcing information needed in cases focusing on evidences and witnesses. History of the impending case is sought for better understanding during the case and can further affect this process by offering basic interviews. A paralegal further handles the paperwork by filing documents and mailing required messages ensuring the lawyer is focused on his/her role in the law process (Garcia, 2012). Paralegals require an intense knowledge of the law and must possess adequate writing and listening skills. A professional paralegal oversees efficiency in the law firm because are charged with reducing tasking roles that may slow a case. A paralegal depicts professionalism by possessing particular skills. The law firm requires an individual capable of multitasking and handling numerous pressures from the compound clients that they receive (Cooper &amp. Gibson, 1998). Accuracy and efficient organizational qualities are mandatory with knowledge in computer technology for easier access of files. Professional paralegals know the legal terms and have admirable communication language when handling clients. The flexibility of the paralegal to work in multiple offices depicts their high qualification for they mentor new paralegals and lawyers on the protocols adhered to during legal proceedings. Ways to depict professionalism in the office However, these are the basic requirements to achieve a form of professionalism. A paralegal should follow simple guidelines to depict professionalism and establish their dominance in the law industry. According to “Alberta Association of Professional Paralegals” (AAPP), there exists rules that a paralegal requires to depict professionalism in the law firm. I intend to adhere to these conducts to help build my confidence and professionalism in the law firm. The codes dictate that a paralegal refrains from representing a client as a lawyer or offer any form of advice unless under the supervision of the principal (Spahn, 2006).


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