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Of any social issue in the current dialectic, no discussion is as relevant to the future of any given society than the one regarding its education system. As Henry Peter Broughan said, “Education makes people easy to lead, but difficult to drive. easy to govern, but impossible to enslave.” What this implies is that the educated citizen can understand arguments, understand the various situations which the country is placed in, and identify its government’s attempts at smokescreen politics. Without a decent system devoted to the education of America’s future citizens, the future itself deserves to be called into question. Weak education poses problems of all classifications: national security, economics, and foreign relations. Needless to say, an education system is no less important than strong civil services, a strong military, or a strong economy to maintaining the stability of an entire nation. But unfortunately, in the United States, public “education”, in actuality, is a misnomer. The environments in which young students enter are not conducive to cultivating the intellect as an individual rational being. Rather, they encourage radical subjugation to an authority figure—whether the teacher, the majority, or, ultimately, the government. There are certain values existing in America which essentially contradict the philosophy that justifies a widespread system of public schooling (the term “public education” will not be used from here on). A primary task for any reformer should be, first, the identification of these premises, and, second, composing convincing arguments against them. The values which underlie the American system of public schools are those of socialization, subjugation, egalitarianism, and control. such values contradict the values on which this country was founded upon—values of rugged individualism, choice, and hard work to achieve one’s own ends.

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