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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Quality In Service Organisations Organisational Man

Hi, I need help with essay on Quality in Service Organisations (Organisational Management). Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

It is based on the total experience of the customer with the organization including all levels and categories of staff and its systems. It is based on the customer’s perceptions of the organizational values, briefs and guiding principles. In case of products, it involves not only meeting the customer needs but also a commitment to make the customer successful in his field of operations and give him a feeling of joy and happiness in dealing with the supplier. For internal customers, it provides for satisfaction between departments based on the agreement on coordinated measures to be taken for up gradation f quality. In short, it focuses on all functions and emphasis that total quality is a company wide effort to improve all departments. What did not seem obvious in first instance, is that quality is not always about big improvements. It is the focus on little things that matter in service. Elephants don’t bite. it is the black flies that get us (Ahluwalia, 2003).

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