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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Quantitative And Qualititative Reserch Teenager

Hi, I need help with essay on Quantitative and Qualititative reserch—-teenager smoking. Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

The main reason for the study is to address the increasing rates of smoking among teen in the United Kingdom. This study has two major aims. The first aim is to illustrate the negative effects of smoking, both first hand and second hand, among the teenage demography in the United Kingdom. The second aim of the research is to illustrate measures that address the health challenges cause by teenage smoking. The hypothesis for the study is that. teenager smoking has negative health consequences.

The first analyzed study explains that. the addictive drug contained in cigarette smoke is called nicotine. The addiction causes the teenage smokers to go on with the habit of consuming tobacco. Addicted teenage smokers consume adequate nicotine levels to achieve their craving needs. Individuals, who crave high nicotine levels, consume more cigarette products. Tobacco smoke has more than 60 chemicals that cause cancer. Smoking, therefore, harms almost all body organs. The second study focuses on the health consequences of smoking. Short term effects of smoking include. nicotine addiction and respiratory effects. The long term effects of smoking entails reduced lung functioning and minimized lung growth. Other generate effects involves heart strokes during later stages of life, and heart diseases. The third research study shows the demographics involving teenage and children smoking. In 2014, approximately 4% of children and teens aged between 11 and 15 continuously smoke not less than one cigarette every week. However, regular teenage smokers in the United Kingdom consume an average of 36 cigarettes per week.

The three studies employed appropriate research techniques. This is because they applied both quantitative and qualitative approaches of research, during data analysis (Laura 2008). The main limitation in the three studies involved minimum time duration for collecting data. Respondents normally required adequate


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