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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Real World Experience 2 Paper Must Be At Least 250

Hi, I need help with essay on Real World Experience #2. Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

I am running a small business of ready-made dresses. I have hired some labor workers who are working at the back office while all the dealings at front office are conducted by me. From the last two months I have been observing that the quantity of the final dresses at the end of month is decreasing. Though the quality of the clothes and the work was same but problem was with the number of dresses. I was in trouble that if the quantity continues to decrease it will definitely adversely affect the sales and thus whole revenues will be disturbed.

Now my focus was to find out the cause behind the fallen quantity of output product. After careful analysis of the workers I caught the reason. They were wasting their time in idol talking and many other such small activities which actually kills their valuable time but they were unknown to this fact. They had the potential to do more and in an enhanced quality but they were misusing their precious time. Now the responsibility came on my shoulders. I had to choose a middle way that will solve the problem and also employees may not feel anything bad about their work place behavior.

I believe on performance management concepts very much. My opinion is that the incentives and bonuses really boost up the energy of the employees. And the research has also proved that the rewards really pump up the employees (Mayhew, 2013). So I did the same trick in my problem. I announced that the bonus which was given annually to the employees is now attached with the monthly performance of the employees. Every single employee will be rewarded more whose output is more than others. According to my opinion this would definitely work and by luck I got the best results. The output quantity was increased in the very next month because employees really work hard to earn more bonus reward. Therefore it


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