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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Reflection On Sound And Fury Paper Must Be At Least

Hi, I need help with essay on Reflection on Sound and Fury. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

It is a bond that unites them to others with hearing disability.

The story revolves around two families and their views on deafness and a cochlear implant that can help deaf people hear. Its characters are powerful, the emotions overwhelming and an ending that I found thought provoking and disturbing at the same time. Deaf characters in the movie viewed deafness as something sacred and did not consider it a disability. The threat posed by the new device is thus too overwhelming and they unite to protect their culture and their sign language. Peter and Nina are parents of Heather 6, and while they are all deaf, Peter is a strong advocate of sign language and an active member of anti-implant community. However they are shocked when Heather decides she wants an implant so she can talk to hearing people. She wants to hear the sounds around her especially of animals and lion in particular. The reaction of Heather’s mother Nina is of particular interest since she goes against the decision simply because she feels that if Heather starts hearing, she wont be communicating in sign language anymore.

I may sound politically incorrect when I say this but the truth is that I did not like Nina’s reaction or their decision not to let Heather get implants. It is very difficult for a hearing person to understand why Nina behaved this way because anyone would want what’s best for his or her children. If you had a disability why would you want your children to go through the same problems? Any hearing or non-hearing person would obviously try to minimize the problems in their child’s life so why would Nina behave like an enemy. I couldn’t understand that and while I wanted to view things from a deaf person’s situation, I still couldn’t bring myself to accept Nina and Peter’s reaction.

Interesting they decide that Heather could have implants


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