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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Religion And Theology By Martin Buber Paper Must Be

Hi, I need help with essay on Religion and Theology by Martin Buber. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

He attempts to analyze Jesus situated between Apostle Paul and his Jewishness. He presents Jesus as a member of classic Judaism. He addresses Judaism as a phenomenon of religious reality, and that it has become manifested through Judaism. So the Judaism exists for the sake of this reality. He argues that by the term ‘God’ he means not a moral ideal, social image nor a projection of a psychic nor anything created by or developed within a man but rather means God who a man possesses in images and ideas which are not the work of free creation but products of divine-human encounters especially when a man attempts to grasp the explicable it happens to him. It is only theophany which changes but not God. Theophany only happens to a man who has great share in it as God. Images and ideas emanate from it through what is revealed in it is neither idea nor image but God. He based his entire thought on the duality of faith analyzing the two different levels which often share common elements. From Buber’s point of view, dialogue philosophy transcends analysis of any subject. However, Christianity analysis can’t be taken out of context of this philosophy neither can it be understood without considering philosophy of realization (Buber). The distinction between I-Thou and the I-It relations are the base of Buber’s thought.


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