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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Report On The Art Of War Paper Must Be At Least 750

Hi, I need help with essay on Report on The Art Of War. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Moreover, the book adds that the knowledge of how to handle inferior and superior forces. However, The Art of War is neither an indirect nor a fictional account of warfare. Instead, it is a treaty on the military strategy. According to most scholars, the art of war was composed during the warring states period of the Chinese history. The Art of War emphasizes war as the very last resort (Tzu 30). It, however, characterizes war, the last resort, as a significant defeat. Within the subjects of peace and war, Sun Tzu’s overall strategy is a sophisticated discussion about the requirements of both warlike aggression and peaceful resolution. The text provides information about any serious debate regarding representations of war in the literature by presenting the Chinese philosophy.

The book explores five primary factors and seven fundamental elements that dictate the outcomes of any military engagement. A commander can estimate his chances of victory by discerning, evaluating and comparing the given points. The text also emphasizes that war is a solemn matter for any state (Tzu 32). As a result, it stresses that war must not be started without proper consideration. The book proceeds to explain how the economy of warfare can be understood and how victory necessitates winning pivotal engagements speedily. This explanation shows that victorious military campaigns require limiting the competition and conflict costs. The source of strength is also defined in The Art of War. Unity is identified as the basis of power (Tzu 35). Additionally, the book discusses five basic factors that are necessitated if success is to be achieved in the war. These factors include strategy, army, attack, Alliance, and cities. The Art of War discusses the important role played by defending prevailing positions until a commander can advance from those safety positions (Tzu 37). It, therefore, gives


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