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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Requirements And Specifications Paper Must Be At Le

Hi, I need help with essay on Requirements and specifications. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

ng the combo of MySQL and is to make sure that the web interface is robust, data retrieval is quick and robust, and standards can be upgraded easily (Patton, 2005).

In order to provide users a perfect match, different search algorithms were taken into consideration. The best one of all the considered algorithms is Classification Tree that would match matches on the basis of their common characteristics. The algorithm is not very complex yet reliable. Users would be able to extract accurate search results just by entering keywords, which would ensure satisfaction of the users and will save their precious time.

Apart from this, the problem of users being overlapped by other users in the search results will be solved by implementing the idea of creating sub profiles. Every user will be able to maintain different profiles under different categories (this feature is also available on many other websites to avoid the overlapping issue in search results).

The idea of this project is to build a secure and anonymous database for the experimental social science lab at Essex. It is required to set up a whole new database, develop a web portal and an interface for the paid participants that are taking part in the social science experiments in the Essex Laboratory.

Database will be filled up by the researchers themselves, as they will upload the information about the subjects whom they want to recruit. Once the database is live, those subjects who meet a certain criteria, set up by the researchers, will be notified automatically. Those subjects who are notified via auto generated emails would be able to line up their visit at the experimental lab according to the system generated schedule. The recommended database for this project is MySQL and web interface would be developed on ASP, harnessing the power of .Net framework 4.0.

Upon the entrance of the subjects in the laboratory, their identity will be checked automatically from the database. They will be able to go


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