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Aesthetics pertain to what man considers beautiful or appealing. As art, architecture is also a form of expression executed in a manner considered appealing or beautiful. In constructing a structure, however, man uses inputs as well as produces waste. The use of inputs and wastes both affect man’s existence and in sustaining his way of life. Thus, the professional architect has to be responsible not only for his final product but also with the way he or she is able to produce his own product. It follows that the relevant philosophies that a professional architect should study must cover the following: man’s philosophies for existence and living that are basic for architectural designs the philosophies related to aesthetics and art as the bases for architectural designs that can be considered as aesthetically beautiful or artistic the relevant philosophies or ethics that the professional architect can adopt, and the philosophies relevant for professional architectural practice. Hence, the foregoing are some of the general areas in philosophy research that are most relevant for a professional architect or someone who seeks to become a professional architect. In developing research methods for any research, some of the more relevant philosophical perspectives are logical positivism, verstehen, and hermeutics. II. Man’s Philosophy for Living Man’s philosophy for living is varied. For example, a man’s philosophy for living may be simply to enjoy life and get the best pleasures from life. The situation of his or her fellow human being does not disturb him because the world is a jungle where the fittest rule and survives. He or she does not care for his or her fellow human being because he or she does not feel any sense of responsibility for another person. The need for architectural designs from this type of a person is simple: what appeals to him or her without regard to the possible effects of a design may have on resource use and wastes. On other hand, another philosophy of living can be altruistic or oriented to be of service to others. This can be reflected in how basic architectural decisions are made. For instance, an altruistic design may call for ensuring that architectural designs are useable by the disabled like the limping or lame, the blind, the aged, or those who are weak. The architectural designs of buildings, streets, and houses may be such that spaces are created for the disabled or for an aging and younger population. Another philosophy of living, however, may call for the use of more obviously expensive materials associated with wealth and power. This type of architectural clients may require, for example, floors or walls that are lined with gold or precious stones. They may require a Jacuzzi right in their rooms or a pool in many parts of their house with a specification that they are installed in an obvious way and that neighbors are made aware that they have these. The need for architectural designs is not only for the sake of living and comfort but, more importantly, for conspicuous consumption. Conspicuous consumption may or may not be psychological but probably it is not only philosophical. As a philosophy for living, conspicuous consumption may result from a need to have a better standing in society. The standing can lead to better social influence, power, and esteem by the other members of society.

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