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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Research Trip Advisor Paper Must Be At Least 750 Wo

Hi, I need help with essay on Research : Trip Advisor. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Secondly, the paper will highlight on how crowdsourcing can assist travelers to get information and reviews concerning new destinations. Thirdly, the research essay will propose the use of TripAdvisor, which is an online platform where members share information and reviews about hotels, resorts, flights, restaurants, and vacation rentals among others.

Pritchard and Simmonds (1982) lamented that many travelers rely on an ‘inside man’ or locals whenever they are visiting a new destination, thereby limiting their experiences and opportunities to the knowledge of the locals. This not only limits what the travelers might have learnt about the new place but it also makes them prone to exploitation by the locals who might take advantage of them because of their limited knowledge about the new destination. Russell and Cohn (2012) further lament that the locals or contact person usually give information and reviews to the travelers from their own perspective, and it might be biased or false information.

Morrell (2008) in his studies suggested that, it is far much better for travelers to learn about new destinations from others who were also new to the destination and shared their first hand experience of the destination. This enables the traveler to learn about the new destination from the perspective of someone who also once new at the same destination.

According to Estellés and González (2012), crowdsourcing provides an online platform whereby a user can pose a question or problem and then other users or members of the site also known as the crowd can contribute their answers or solutions to the problem. Figure 1 below demonstrates this, whereby the crowd surrounds the red image. The user will have the advantage of obtaining numerous feedbacks that are, worthwhile. Brabham (2008) and Sloane (2011) in their studies describe crowdsourcing as the process whereby


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