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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Review On Peggy Noonan S On Speaking Well Paper Mus

Hi, I need help with essay on Review on Peggy Noonan’s On Speaking Well. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Her career in speech writing is characterized by massive speeches that she has written for prominent people in the United States. Her book critically presents the various components that make up a speech, and further provides a functional framework for effective speaking and communication while giving a speech (Noonan 14). The book gives a treatment to public speaking, highlighting points to consider when giving a speech for both first timers and those already used to giving public speeches.

On Speaking Well revolves around the key features of a speech. According to Noonan (Noonan 124), the content and substance of a speech matters to both the presenter and the audience. Peggy Noonan passionately addresses this issue, arguing that the two parties must have their interests balanced in the speech. Dominance by one party tends to overlook the interests of the other party, thereby making the speech one-sided. Noonan views this scenario as one that should be avoided at all cost. In fact, it does not feature in variables that determine speaking well in her terms.

The logicality of the speech is fundamental to account for. Logic in a speech revolves around the point being made, but the means modes employed in that pursuit matters. The more sophisticated a speech is, the less likely it is to make its point. In other words, it is the use of faux poetry that gives logic to the speech. Rather, it is the mutual understanding of the issues being addressed by both the presenter and the audience. In other words, there is need for mutual respect in speech giving. It is that mutual respect that binds all the parties involved into the primary issues being addressed.

Prominent people. presidents and celebrities are featured in Peggy Noonan’s book. Their moving speeches depict commitment to course of duty and focus to details that their speeches highlighted. It is evident that while speech wording is important, the real casing point is crucial


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