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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Sab 361 Unit 2 Paper Must Be At Least 500 Words Ple

Hi, I need help with essay on Sab 361 unit 2. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

A true account is that sports are made up of aspects such as accountability, sportsmanship, setting a good example and acceptable moral behavior. It is therefore, expected that participation in sports in addition to a conducive environment and coaching strategy will to a significant extent, will modify thus build someone’s character. This has been the dreams of coaches, physical education teachers, trustees among other relevant stakeholders.

However, the ideals of sports in relation to building an individual’s characters are usually degraded by situation of drug use (for enhancement purposes), injuries, fights and even instances of molestation (Edmundson, 2012).

I believe that sports do play a significant role in building someone’s character. Practicing is important in any sporting activity. Practicing is concerned with trying out particular routines with a view to achieve perfection. It is important to note that trials do come with events of failure. It is only after failing that one succeeds. This entire process instills a sense of patience, hope, resilience among others. These are clearly elements of good character and should be encouraged at all costs.

Sports offer a favorable opportunity for socialization. Sportsmen and women learn to play as a team, communicate in a similar language in order to achieve a common goal. In other words, sports enhance morality in addition to desirable qualities such as the effectives to handle tasks, time consciousness and perseverance. Sports can also result into negative traits such as violence. Farley (2010) reveals that excellence has always been the greatest desire of any athlete. Various types of sports have rules that are supposed to be adhered to. An athlete is therefore expected to train/practice with respect to those rules. It should be noted that an individual can succumb to intense pressure to perform. This


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