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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Select An Item Of Clothing Or An Accessory And Cont

Hi, I need help with essay on Select an item of clothing, or an accessory, and contextualise it historically, culturally and critically. Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

dition to the Monroe’s white dress, Travilla designed other Hollywood costumes that attracted attention from a plausible population of lovers of fashion. Was the Monroe’s white dress the most celebrated design throughout Travilla’s professional life as a designer of Hollywood costumes? The main body of the research outlines the biography of William Travilla. An insight of the iconic Monroe’s white dress as one of Travilla’s designs will form the next part of the text. An outline of other designs by Travilla will precede an in-depth analysis of whether Monroe’s white dress tops for attracting the most attention among the other designs. The final analysis outlines the extent to which the design attracted high sales after its auctioning, nearly fifty years after the death of Monroe.

Born in March 20 1920, Travilla was brought up in Catalina Island, CA. He served in his career as a costume designer in most part of his lifetime and designed costumes in a number of Hollywood films. The 1953 designed costume used by Monroe in the 1955 film remains one of the best designs he produced during the time he served in his profession. This was the snow-white costume with a cocktail shape, which offered him appreciated fame. Travilla started costume designing in 1941 (FDM 2012, p.1). He served as a designer with the Warner Brothers for three years from 1946 to 1949. He later joined the Twentieth Century. Fox thereafter until 1956. He earned popularity for what was known as the “California” fashion while designing foe film as well as the small screen. He, however, turned to major on television in the 1970s. Among the most viewed among his works was the 1983 TV mini-series, The Thorn Birds. He featured in several nominations Emmy awards for his plausible work. Travilla died in 1990, leaving his career to Bill Saris.

The most memorable scenes of the Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroes was in the 1955 film directed by Billy Wilder. Monroe’s Hollywood constume


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