Hi, I need help with essay on Should the U.S. government permit the Keystone Pipeline. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

ed extraction of liquid gases underground as well as oil leakages in the ocean the country is still contemplating on whether to permit the construction of key stone pipeline. This paper looks at the environmental impact of construction of this pipeline which begins all the way from Canada to the US. This paper makes a conclusion that the construction of this pipeline will have a negative impact of the environment something that is already evident in the US.

America is one of the countries that have begun experiencing the impacts of global warming which leads to intense flooding and longer drought spells. According to Darryl Fears an author with the Washing Post magazine, impacts of global warming can be felt in all parts of the country. The author points out on the cases of rising sea levels, increased flooding , storms surges, frequent water shortages and increased cases of hurricanes in the Southeast and the Caribbean, drought and wildfires as some of the evidences of global warming (Fears). The author is worried following recent cases of many economists backing the funding of the project as it is considered to be of great financial value to the economy of the US. However, what the economists have neglected is the environmental impact of this project to the economy.

The 875 mile long project is passing through various lakes and other water bodies. Suppose there is any leakage the country is likely to experience heavier losses of more than 830,000 barrels which is transported every day through the line. Besides the economic loss the country will also suffer huge environmental degradation should this pipelines experience any leakages. Besides this, there are many flora and fauna that are living within the border of Canada and the US. Construction of this pipeline is likely to interfere with the breeding sites of these organisms. Besides this there is a high likelihood that most organisms will shift from their homes and this will interfere with their

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