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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Social Problems And Social Issues1 Paper Must Be At

Hi, I need help with essay on Social problems and social issues1. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

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Social problems manifest depending on the population being exposed to the supposed causative agent. Social problems are matters that directly or indirectly affect an individual or portions of a population, and would be detrimental to their interests (Lister, 2010 p58). Social problems exist at all levels of society, and a problem on one level does not necessarily mean it is a problem to all other levels. In essence, this means that there are social problems that encounter young people in society, and they do not affect the older population of that society. A situation or condition only becomes a social problem if people or a portion of that population deems the entity as problematic and is detrimental to their interests and wellbeing. People’s perceptions determine what qualifies to be construed and treated as a social problem because threats to people’s wellbeing and their quality of life are what cause problems (Lister, 2010 p74). People’s quality of life and their perceived wellbeing are the foundation upon which social problems are based. This can be used to the further the understanding of why there exist no similarities between social problems in different societies and communities that abound in this world. The causes can be similar, but the responses and implications are entirely different. This is caused by differences in standards of living and quality of life that this offers. Social problems are only manifested depending on a society’s or community’s perceptions and their expectations of what life is supposed to offer. Question #2 Social constructionism is the aspect where situations or conditions in a sociological setting or approach are based on the conscious definition of a society or community. Social constructionism is a theory that is used to explain and gain an understanding of how societies and communities perceive their world. Social constructionism can be applied in the analysis of social problems and their manifestation in people’s daily lives. Social constructionism delves into uncovering ways of how people take part in the build up of their social reality (Lister, 2010 p61). It entails evaluation of people’s perceived social realities and how they come into being. Through social constructionism, analyst can identify and determine the role of factors that people use to set their group’s or society’s identity. Social constructionism provides the notion of continued development and construction of social realities through time, which eventually become entrenched into the tradition of a community or society (Lister, 2010 p106). These aspects are based on social constructs that must be reinforced through behavioral patterns and practices that serve to reinforce these social realities. Social constructionism is an important tool that is used in studies meant to shed light on issues that affect people in society. Social problems are determined and defined by people’s perception about issues surrounding them with regard to their well being and quality of life. Any factor that affects these two aspects of people’s life in society is liable to being qualified as a social factor. Social constructionism can be used to offer an insight in social problems that pertain to society’s wellbeing and quality of life.


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