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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Special Education Discussion Paper Must Be At Least

Hi, I need help with essay on Special education discussion. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

For instance, a story about a blind person who still went ahead to finish his postgraduate studies and does motivational talks for other people with disabilities as well. Some of them despite their disabilities, work very hard against the perception that the society has towards them. They work very hard to prove that disability is not inability and that they can do the things that people without disabilities can do. Some of the articles are educative on the types of disabilities that exist. For instance, there are people who are physically challenged such as those who cannot walk, the blind and the deaf.

Understanding special education is a skill that most people especially those dealing with the people living with disabilities should have (Friend, 2010). They need to be able to understand their feelings towards certain issues in addition to being very understanding. For instance, the teacher has to have some knowledge of braille if he is interacting with blind students. He also has to learn sign language if he dealing with deaf students.

There is a group of teachers who are skilled in dealing with people living with disabilities and challenged in one way or another. This is particularly the case where the disability is so severe that the child cannot learn in normal classroom with the rest of her peers (Friend, 2010). The procedures of special education is so detailed and each child is treated differently according to the type of students that they are dealing with. Each type of disability has its own method of teaching and thus the carers should be aware of such.

The mentally challenged is the most disadvantaged group as they are very easily taken advantage of. There have been many incidences where mentally disabled people have been locked in houses with no access whatsoever to the outside world. This is because they are not capable of having the same emotional responses as the rest of the population (Marshall,


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