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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Subject Is Buyer Behaviour Business Report For Brea

Hi, I need help with essay on Subject is {Buyer Behaviour.} Business Report for Breakfast Cereal industry{ Kellogg’s} in Australia market. Outline Segment and analyse buyer behaviour of target customers only using external influences. Paper must be at least 2500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Coco pops is one of the most popular product of Kellogg’s among the kids. The marketing strategy of this product has been discussed in details, which includes promotional activities, packaging, use of reference groups, etc. The segmentation, targeting, positioning of Kellogg’s has also been discussed with the help of perceptual mapping, that shows the relative position of the company with respect to its rivals. Kellogg’s new product development has also been suggested along with future recommendation for improving the company’s marketing and business activities.

The purpose of this paper is to highlight the buyer’s behavior in the breakfast cereal market in Australia. It also covers the business report of Kellogg’s in Australia, along with a thorough discussion of its marketing mix.

This project will help the reader to analyze the cereal market industry of Australia and it will also give a clear insight about the biggest player in the industry, which is Kellogg’s. This will help the researcher and other companies to gain sufficient information about the Australian cereal market in order to launch a new product or establish a competitive strategy.

The study of buyers behaviours allows the researcher to predict the reactions of the consumers to a newly launched product or towards a particular promotional activity. It also helps a company to monitor any change in the purchase trend among the consumers in a particular industry.

This study has been done based on the assumption that the industry of breakfast cereal will not be affected by any unforeseen calamities. Moreover, it has been assumed that all the data collected are accurate.

This study is limited by the use of secondary data. Use of primary data would have enhanced the quality and accuracy of the assessment. Moreover, the paper only highlights on a single company Kellogg’s, which largely eliminates the rest of major cereal


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