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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Sustainable Tourism Development Paper Must Be At Le

Hi, I need help with essay on Sustainable Tourism Development. Paper must be at least 3750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

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6 b)Evaluate the significance of interactive planning systems and processes in tourism development. 9 c)Evaluate different methods available to measure tourist impact. 9 There are certain financial tools and methods available to measure tourist impact on the economy, livelihood and financial prosperity and wellbeing of the region. 9 One such tool is the GDP or the Gross domestic Product. Per Capita income is another financial calculation that is capable of measuring the financial impact of tourism in a certain region. Foreign institutional investment is more when tourism industry is doing good in a particular region and key foreign investment can also be used as a parameter to measure tourism impact. 9 Understand the need for planning for sustainable tourism. 9 a)Justify the introduction of the concept of sustainable tourism development. 9 b)Analyse factors that may hinder or prevent sustainable tourism development. 10 c)Analyse the different stages in planning for sustainability 11 (Pineda, 2004, p.1) 11 Task 4 11 Understanding current issues related to tourism development planning. 11 a)Evaluate methods of resolving conflicts of interest to ensure to ensure the future well being of a developing tourism destination. 11 (Pineda, 2004, p.1) 11 b)Analyse the implication of balancing supply and demand 12 c)Evaluate the moral and ethical issues of enclave tourism 12 Task 5: 12 Understand the social, environmental and economic impacts of tourism in developing countries and destinations 12 a)Compare issues associated with tourism development in a developing country and an emerging destination where the impact of tourism is different 12 b)Evaluate the recommendations, future development of tourism in these destinations 13 References: 15 Task 1 Understand the rationale for planning in the travel and tourism industry. a) Explain briefly rational for planning tourism development. Tourism generates significant national and state income. Whether it is foreign or national tourism the amount of income generated through tourist footfall is very high as compared to other government and private profit making enterprises. As a result planning tourism development, optimum utilisation of tourist hot spots, preservation and adequate maintenance of tourist sites becomes very important for sustainable and profitable tourism. Planning tourism development is the first and most important step towards building a strong and formidable foundation for a sustainable tourism industry that is capable of self funding, consistent profit generation, growth and development. The need for planning tourism development arises due to the following factors: 1. It is cooperative in nature due to the involvement of vast and diverse stakeholders a) Natives of the tourist place b) Local state government c) National government d) Transport Authority e) Foreign Exchange f) Law Enforcement g) Roads and Railway etc 2. It is dependent on the cooperation and efforts of multiple state authorities like a.) Ministry of Tourism b.) Ministry of Forests and Natural Reserves c.) Department of Rural Planning d.) Ministry of transport Tourism is a multifaceted department having interfaces interlinked with multiple industries and ministries like: Transport Department, Public Works Department, Forests Department, Environment Department, Foreign Exchange etc. (CPT MTM.


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