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Hi I Need Help With Essay On The Chassis Of A Typical Motorcycle Paper Must Be A

Hi, I need help with essay on The chassis of a typical motorcycle. Paper must be at least 2500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

dy components are made from cast-able aluminum, we will discuss here, the characteristics for aluminum casting with reference to its various grades, as this is the best non-ferrous casting alloy and

Accordingly, the proper aluminum grade is to be selected, depending on the type of casting. In most of the cases, “Twin Spar” type aluminum is used for the manufacture of a motorbike frame. The further techniques and processes for the manufacture of this chassis involve welding, tube manipulation and profiling, sheet metal work and Jigging, tooling. These are described here in brief

This process is involved when the product turnover is huge .As indicated above, the sand casting or die-casting techniques are used for the manufacture of a motorbike chassis. However die-casting is the technique mostly used for the aluminum chassis manufacture. The process can be either hot chamber or cold chamber die casting methods. The molds involved are required to be quality tested frequently due to their high ware and tear. Various casting processes have their respective advantages and limitations. Some of them are detailed below

Apart from the nonferrous metals like aluminum, which are used for die-casting to manufacture the motorbike chassis, other non-metal materials are used currently. These include high resistance and strong polymer based compounds that may need a different casting procedure.

The road-going version of Norton featherbed frame was manufactured using electric arc welding process only. However, the technology has advance a lot since then and it is now found that electric arc welding may not be suitable for the chassis building as the requirement of the tubing wall thickness here is more than 2mm, which makes the material expensive.

This is also called CO2 gas welding. The weld material is in the form aof a wire or electrode and the gas fed as a shroud is the mixture of carbon dioxide and argon. While, the process is used mostly for steel tubing and other


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