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Hi I Need Help With Essay On The City Both Offers And Restricts Possibility Pape

Hi, I need help with essay on The City Both Offers and Restricts Possibility. Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

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In the first, part of The City, in Literature, the author links various aspects of life to the growing city. The residents have to deal with and understand the western idea of the growing city. The author uses philosophy, literature, and urban history to untangle the contradictory images and meanings of the urban experience. The growth of the city led to considerable rural to urban migration. Most people expected to lead a better life in the city. In the minds of these people, the introduction of the city gave them a picture of the western-like city forgetting the aspect of growth and time. Every idea and places starts from the first steps and should be given time, and enough resources to grow before we can start utilizing. The western idea of a city is what the characters in the book have in mind in relation to the city. The author traces the connection between creative writing and the city from the early novel in England to the apocalyptic cityscapes of Thomas Pychon. This relationship aims at bringing out the understanding of the people of the city. Along the way, Lehan collects a prosperous backup of prop up, which includes Charles Dickens, Daniel Defoe, James Joyce, and even Theodore Dreiser. The European city in the literature has several shortfalls, and this is what the author emphasizes in his works. Notable in the literature is the turn down of feudalism while, at the same time there is the rise of the realm and dictatorship. The author relates the American city against the observable fact of the wilderness, the cutting edge, and the augment of the megalopolis. However, this is not the picture of what the residents of the city have, and this is only present in the available literature. From the above description, the statement. the city both offers and restricts possibility comes to light. In this notion, possibility could be in terms of the people’s ability to change and reform their lives to suit that of the American city. The statement means that the magnitude of change lies in the people’s ideology of the city. The presence of the city acts as a bridge to their achievement of the various things they need. For instance, in the event people want to have a better life economically, socially, and legally, then they have the city as their gate pass. On the other hand, the city acts as a limitation to the achievements of these dreams because of the existing restrictions. These restrictions are in terms of leadership, which is not so liberal hence, limiting the city’s residents in their ideologies of life. The City in Literature presents sharply imprinted portrayals of the correspondence between rationalism and entrepreneurship (Lehan, 1998, p.246). In as much as this information is only present in literature, the people have the capacity to changing this in to a real life practice. The resources and infrastructure, which can make this possible, is present in the city. However, the leadership in the city, which is mostly dictatorship, limits the occurrence of this development. The literature further explores the rise of the city, the demure of the landed estate, and the development of genres. The detective narrative, the gothic, and fantasy literature enable the author to explain the meaning of the city both offers and restricts possibility.


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