Hi, I need help with essay on The impact of videogames on players especially the violent ones. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Ever since video games were introduced, the level of violent content in them has been a controversial matter and the major question is whether they result in violent behavior among players. Video games are often seen by older people as childlike thing and do not worry about their negative impacts on behavior. Unfortunately, parents and the older people in society fail to focus on the dark side of some games and their impact on younger players especially the violent ones.

Numerous studies have been conducted on the impact on violent video games on the players’ behavior. Emerging literature has focused on “the benefits rather than perils of video game play” (Blumberg et al. 41). These studies show increasing concern about the impact of video games on young players who play these games (Becker-Olsen and Patricia 84). There are two issues surrounding this discussion. First, is whether players with violent tendencies are more likely to act out violent acts from playing these games? Secondly, is whether video games exacerbate violent behavior among players? In order to understand the debate surrounding this topic, one must get a clear understanding of the concept of violence. Various studies have found that violent behavior in real life is a consequence of the violence that is contained in video games. Others disagree with this as they failed to clearly define violence or why the games being studied were termed as violent. Overall, the definition of violence varies among different individuals.

Although video games consist of fictional characters, they are based on the themes of death and battle whereby the winner becomes more powerful. Others can be characterized by a form of blood violence and high gore as the reward system. It can be observed that the definition of violence in video games has evolved over the decades as video games in the modern times are

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