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Hi I Need Help With Essay On The Organizational Role Of The Safety Professional

Hi, I need help with essay on The organizational role of the safety professional. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

For this to be possible, the professional evaluates any existing safety measurers’ failure of which he introduces safety requirements into the organization. The safety professional also has the responsibility of checking out for any situations, which may compromise the safety standards within the organization.

This should begin with setting up of a safety plan, which guides the employees on how to work without placing their lives and those of colleagues in danger (Walter, 2011). The safety professional also has the role of advising the management of an organization about the measurements to put in place for employees to have a safe environment for working. This takes aspects like advising the management on the importance of having a safety initiative in the organization. It is through the efforts of the safety professional that safety response plan, safety management plan and a safety protection plan can be designed for the best benefit of employees and the organization (Safety Leadership, 2011).

The safety professional is also the one in charge of organizing safety trainings for employees. This is essential because employees are the ones most affected by poor working conditions. On some occasions, employees can never determine whether their actions are safe or not, and guidance helps them in knowing the right path of action (Safety Leadership, 2011). Through safety trainings, the safety professional takes employees through safety processes, which protect them within the organization as they carry out their duties. Still on training of the employees, the safety professional designs a safety curriculum suitable for the company depending on the industry. It also remains under the jurisdiction of the safety professional to review the safety plan for the organization on regular intervals. These can be followed up by conducting review trainings for employees, so they can have adequate skills on how to keep


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