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Hi I Need Help With Essay On The Protection Of Global Forests Threats Faced By G

Hi, I need help with essay on The protection of global forests: threats faced by global forests and efforts on global regulation of forest use. Paper must be at least 6250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

undertaken by the global community on global regulation of forest use is a vital step which is helpful to restore the bio-diversity and ecological balance. Still, some of the world nations are not capable to follow the efforts on global regulation of forest use. But some other nations are able to stick on to the guidelines on global regulation of forest use. The threats faced by global forests result in global climate changes and phenomenon like el-Nino and la-Nina. Collective responsibility among the world nations can easily undertake the protection of global forests. Besides, increasing awareness on the importance of global regulation of forest use is able to meet the threats faced by global forests. For instance, the case of Gabon in Africa is one of the best examples of the threats faced by global forests and efforts on global regulation of forest use. Thesis statement: The case study on Forests in Gabon, Africa proves that collective effort from the side of the world nations and international NGOs can protect the global forests from total destruction.

The United Nations play the most important role international regulation of forest use because it is an international body which co-ordinates its member nations and the NGOs working in the same field. But one must not misunderstand that the efforts on limiting forest use for industrial and economic use is totally under the United Nations and its member nations. For instance, the United Nations consists of developed, developing and under developed nations. The developed nations have economical and technical back up to preserve their forests. But some of the developing and underdeveloped nations consider their forests as never ending sources of natural resources and raw materials. ‘With increased human mobility will come increased numbers of importations – willful and accidental –of exotic species’.1 This leads to over exploitation of natural resources, destruction of forests and loss of ecological


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