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There is a need for the firms to reach “internal equity and consistency” (Allin, 1999, p. 319), because it is the way to decrease tensions between the firm and the market (socio-economic factors, respectively). There are different tensions in British HRM practices. This country, as well as Germany operates under conditions of too intense relations. There is a little percent of communicative approach in the British multi-national firms. There is a wide discussion with regards to firms of HI from Germany and Britain. Different researches and studies in this field underline that German labor system is not reflected ‘as is’ in these studies and MNCs in HI are often misinterpreted (Royle, 1999c, p. 541). German companies describe their operation within the country in the following way: “workers cannot consume personnel policy according to their individual tastes” (Royle, 1999c, p. 542). That is why it is necessary to talk about external pressures exerted on MNCs in HI. There are many difficulties, when we analyze the relations between the state and the MNCs. Developed countries, such as Britain and Germany cannot contribute much into restructuring of their operations in the market, because of their conservative governments. Too rigid programs and strategies at the governmental level are reflected in the internal operations of the MNCs. In case with British Multi-national firms, it should be noted that the aspect of recruitment is one of the main important concerns. There is a need to focus on personal skills and concerns. In order to restructure the system of rewards in the country, it should be noted that appropriate laws are introduced at the governmental level (Briscoe, Randall,…

This paper talks about interactions, that emerges between international companies, that conduct their activity in the hospitality industry, and governments of the respective states, where the companies operate. Effects of the socio-economic factors on that relationship are considered.

The basic function of hospitality is to establish a relationship or to promote exchange of goods and services, both material and symbolic, between those who give hospitality (hosts) and those who receive it

Multi-national firms of HI are usually competing about their employees, who require special skills and knowledge. Moreover, country regulations may exert influence on operation of the country and reflect in low salaries, ineffective compensation system and other negative outcomes. There is a need for the government to take into account the concepts of convergence-divergence and develop appropriate strategies for managers in order they could prepare labor force, which I the most relevant to a certain industry

Globalization experiences of labour market in Britain and Germany reflect processes of turbulent changes and uncertainties. HR managers of multi-national firms develop their creative potential and skills in order to deal with constraints and choices related to product and labour markets, organizational status and structure, size of workplace and culture . The current negative outcome of multi-national firms operating in HI is the lack of considerations about labour efficiency or employment.

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