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Hi I Need Help With Essay On This Assignment Asks You To Imagine How Nnu Ego The

Hi, I need help with essay on This assignment asks you to imagine how Nnu Ego, the principal character in Buchi Emechetas novel The Joys of Motherhood, might address another fictional character, Ekwefi, a woman of a more senior generation portrayed in Chinua Achebes novel Things. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Children were a blessing. They were joy for any Ibo woman as they came with blessings. A woman who was blessed with children, would be proud of her role in the continuity of our great Ibo tribe. But times have changed. The White man has gone away. We chased him. Our people won the much needed freedom. However, Ibo children have been consumed with modern and western culture. They have no respect for their traditions and mother. I have had numerous children, but now I am dying alone, In my father’s home. Far away in Ibuza. Away from the torments of Lagos. My daughter, Kehinde went against the wishes of our gods. She married into the Yoruba. What a disgrace to get married to our enemies. Now our traditions and culture are being consumed. Intermarriages are what define the new modern and urban culture. The white culture consumes and steals our children. My sons, Oshia and Adim, left our homeland for the white man’s land. What a disgrace. In your days, the old days, my sons will be considered traitors. They forget that the white man killed our men and women. They embrace the life of the city and the white man’s culture. I sacrificed everything for them. But they forgot me. I have slept hungry and suffered for my children. But they forget everything. When I ask for their help, they behave like I do not exist. I have suffered enough and now I am dying. The white man has won again. He steals our children. I wish that my chi would have blessed with children who would be called ibo warriors and Ibo mothers. This modern times torment our life. Ekwefi great mother, I grief for the children of Ibo.”

In composing the speech by Nnu Ego to the spirit of Ekwefi, the role and the life of the two women in The Joys of Motherhood and Things Fall Apart was considered. Nnu Ego lives in a modern post-colonial time compared to Ekwefi who lived in the pre-colonial times. The major historical event that has taken place is that


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