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How would you address this occurrence with your client?

Transference is recognizable through both words and actions. A patient who is overly dependent on the therapist to make all the decisions for him or her, who seeks comfort from the therapist by even asking for hugs, the patients who show unnecessary and uncalled for anger towards the therapist or even adore and even worship the therapist like a super hero are examples of transference behavior. Talking to the patient about these types of behavior or actions is one way. This will make them open up about their issues hence finding ways to solve them. If this approach does not work, the other way is to refer the case to another therapist to handle the patient hence ending the transference.

Silent and withdrawn clients are harder to deal with than even the talkative or aggressive ones. This is because they refuse to open up about their issues past or present leading the therapist to guess and become frustrated as the therapy sessions cannot continue without talk from the patient. One way to handle them is to encourage them to write down instead of talking. The settings of the therapy may also be intimidating and the therapy sessions can be taken outside or in an environment of choice of the client where he or she is comfortable (Corey and Corey,

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