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Hi I Need Help With Essay On U S Court Proceedings Jury Verdicts Vs Judgments Of

Hi, I need help with essay on U.S. Court Proceedings: Jury Verdicts vs. Judgments of the Court. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

The judge deals with the court procedures like ruling on objections raised by legal counsel and on court motions. Essentially, the judgment of the court is heavily reliant on legal procedures and statutes of the law.

The judgment of the court is the last part of a court case. It terminates court cases or resolves issues contested in court. By performing these duties, it is essentially the court’s formal pronouncement of the law relating to a pending action before the court. A court’s judgment states the winner of a case and the amount of remedies that the winner of the case is to be awarded. The remedies may include injunctive relief, money damages or even both. Additionally, the court’s judgment represents the end of a court’s jurisdiction with regards to that particular case. A jury’s verdict is not final and is subject to the judge’s decision if the court deems the jury incompetent or having reached a decision that a standard normal jury wouldn’t have. A jury’s verdict mostly awards guilty or not guilty verdicts in most instances.

Another difference between a jury’s verdict and a court’s judgment, is that a jury’s verdict is susceptible to manipulation through emotions like sympathy. Emotional testimonies from the parties in a court case, coupled with the closing statements of opposing counsel, play a significant part in the jury’s verdict. Sometimes more so than actual facts and evidence. On the other hand, a court’s judgment is not easily manipulated through emotions and sympathy but rather by evidence, court statutes and precedents.

According to McCammon, in a criminal case and in all federal cases, a jury’s verdict has to be unanimous. However, in some states, a verdict does not have to unanimous and relies on a significant majority in civil cases. In the event that a jury is unable to come to a judgment, it results in a hung jury and there is a mistrial. The


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