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Validating her fillings will help her feel normal and affirm to her that any other person going through a similar event would feel like she does. The other step will be to offer therapy in order to help the client understand how abuse happens, signs of an abusive partner, and alternatives for dealing with abuse before she gets into a crisis. I will give the client information. Such information includes where she can report abuse cases, domestic violence helpline services, option of separating with her abusive partner until he receives intervention, or the alternative of terminating the abusive marriage relationship. I would then help her decide on what would work best for her. Finally, the client and I would explore alternatives of empowering her socially, culturally and economically (Kanel, 2007). Such alternatives include joining a local community support group, choosing the cultural practices and beliefs that do not discriminate or allow domestic violence and getting a job.

Finally, projecting into the future, the client will handle a similar situation with courage and conscientiousness. She will detect abuse before it happens and avert it timely. This way, she will not be in a crisis because she will break the cycle of domestic

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