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It is important to note how long the carnival will last for a budget to be set. In this case it commences from the 11th to the 20th of September, 1998. A budget committee should be set for the selection process of any proposal. This helps in determining the amount of funds that will be allocated the carnival. Their work is to come up with a budget for every single detail that will be available. The budget proceedings also includes a charge incurred during the week of the carnival. In this case, the risk to be experienced will be overcharging the citizens since the people of Spokane County will take part in the selection of qualified firms for setting this event. The firm that submits an affordable and a well evaluated budget will stand a chance to secure the available carnival contract.

Quality of products is a crucial aspect of getting into a contract with Spokane County. Nobody will want poor quality products of their carnival, it poses a risk not only to the firm but also to all the people attending the carnival. An opportunity in the contract exists where quality services are offered and well trained workers are employed based on the level knowledge and skills (Jaafari, 2001). Services offered have to meet the eye of the consumer. The major risks likely to be encountered with this field will be failure to satisfy consumers’ needs. This may lead to a termination of the contract mainly because it is a long term contract for up to 5years.

The Spokane County Carnival is expected to have technical equipment such as carnival rides that are meant to satisfy the residents. The firm that provides these services and state of art equipment at reasonable fees lands the contract. According to Jaafari 2001, innovativeness is also crucial, people are accustomed to change, and hence the firm that comes up with new ideas, new carnival games, and shows have a

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