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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Using Forrester And Drexlers As A Guide What Should

Hi, I need help with essay on Using Forrester and Drexlers as a guide, what should you do if you want to encourage team-based organization performance What risks would you face in doing this, and what would you therefore have to be careful of. Paper must be at least 1750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

This is the reason why there are multiple consultants seeking to help organizations to overcome the challenges involved. Forrester and Drexler developed a model that can serve as an effective map for organizations opting for team-based organization performance. The two authors published an article, in which they described all the critical components of ensuring those teams function effectively. This paper will discuss the steps taken in an effort to encourage team-based organization performance. Moreover, the paper will highlight the potential risks for team-based organization performance approach, and highlight how to handle them effectively.

One of the critical steps in encouraging team-based organization performance is ensuring that there is a balance in the formation of the teams. An effective team is one, which comprises of the right individuals on the right team. This means that the composition of a team should depend on the specific tasks of the team. In accordance with Forrester and Drexler, composition of a team should also promote coherence.1 This means that individuals forming a team should be determined to take up their responsibilities and function as a whole. The organization should ensure that it offers supportive systems that create a favourable environment for the functionality of teams. Some of the setbacks that may result during the formation of a team are incongruence, team isolation, and the presence of organizational barriers. Unless the organization recognizes a realistic need for developing teams, then incongruence will occur because the team formation is for the wrong reasons. Therefore, the lack of coherence results to the isolation of the team. This occurs when a team does not experience belongingness to the entire organization.2 On the other hand, organizational barriers may involve issues such as inadequate resources for the team, and failure to recognize that teamwork is a collective activity and focusing


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