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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Valid Arguments Paper Must Be At Least 500 Words Pl

Hi, I need help with essay on Valid Arguments. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

If Christ the messiah was not a great person, why does history refer to him in the counting of the years using BC for years before Christ and AD for years after Christ? The challenge of the atheist is not the existence of God but on the reason why they should believe in his existence. Events in the world do not occur as successions or fate but appear to be arranged in a sequential order. For instance, the existence of related species such as the Donkey and the Zebra defies the philosophy of the atheists of the survival for the fittest and the extinction of the species as a result of non-conformity.

In actual sense, all creature sin the world appears to be very unique and complex defying the evolution theory by Darwin. The evolution theory by Darwin states that organism evolved from simple to complex but biology has proved that even the simplest organism or organelle such as flagella is complex in its composition and operations (Narelle 56). According to Christians, fate is a circumstance through which God performs a miracle and remains anonymous. The events in the world are complex such as a baby surviving a plane crash while in actual sense he or she cannot even walk or save her. Such event illustrate that there is a force in the universe that one cannot recognize or accept easily if not by faith. Faith is the substance that creates an atheist and a Christian. To believe in the existence of God faith comes into play while to believe that god does not exist, faith comes into play.

Therefore, it is evident that the existence of God is directly linked with the personal faith and choice. When evaluating the existence of God, it is important to understand the occurrence of events and the link with what atheists believe is fate. If its fate only, why does the fate occur in certain circumstances and not all the cases. Such occurrence proves that there is a supernatural force that control


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